Colbert Super PAC, a Slippery Slope?

Everyone loves Stephen Colbert. He is hilarious in an intelligent way that exposes the absurdity in politics, especially from Republicans. Now that the FEC has granted Colbert the ability to promote his Super PAC during his show, I am excited for the ensuing comedy, but concerned for the ensuing reality.

The FECs ruling opens the floodgates for news anchors across the spectrum to form Super PACs and used their bully pulpits to raise money. There is no limit to the amount of money an individual can contribute to a Super PAC. We are now faced with a situation where Bill O’Reilly can form a Super PAC, solicit donations during the O’Reilly Factor, and then run advertisements saying whatever he wants against whatever candidates he wants, on whatever station he wants.

Over the past two decades, the line between journalism and political activism has become increasingly blurred. Now, it may have just been erased.

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One Response to Colbert Super PAC, a Slippery Slope?

  1. cody says:

    this isn’t anything new. what about huck pac? he has a tv show. he has a pac. I agree that all this is wrong but colbert isn’t in uncharted waters by any means, he is simply bringing attention to an important issue that corporate media outlets choose to ignore.

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