Top 10 Right-Wing Media Manipulations Since 2008 #1: Obama

In the history of the right-wing media, there has been no other topic which has produced more lies, manipulations, untruths, half truths, fabrications, and misinformation than coverage of President Obama. From the time that Obama became a viable candidate for President, until practically the present day, you could not watch Fox News for an hour without hearing something false about Barack.

Indeed, only the right-wing media could conceivable portray the same person as a radical christian, a radical muslim, and a radical liberal at the same time. At times, he was too black. Other times, he was not really black. From terrorist fist jabs, to paling around with terrorists, to just being a terrorist, the fear mongering was absurd. Sometimes, his childhood in Hawaii and Indonesia made him less American than most of us. Other times, he was not American at all. Heck, even going to the top law school in the world and then taking a job organizing low income communities was spun to be a bad thing by the right.

Whatever the claim was, they would all be laughable in hindsight, if it weren’t for the fact that many people still believe them. If there is one thing that right-wing media does well, it’s brainwash low information voters. I’m talking about the folks who live in front of a TV with Fox News on it, or spend their 90 minute commute each way listening to the Beckster and the Rushster. Ask one of those people about Obama, and you will hear more falsehoods than you can imagine.

Really, that is why we started PACmen. We were just sick of standing by while a large percentage of our nation is fed lies and misinformation on a daily basis. It has created parallel truths in this nation. One truth that is based on history and scientific facts, and another that is based on misinformation.


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