#3: Taxes

Okay, okay. I Get it. No one likes paying their taxes, and everyone likes complaining about paying their taxes. Fact, not opinion. But, does that really justify the constant right-wing message that taxes are too high – for everyone? Despite the fact that Americans have paid less federal taxes under the Obama administration than any other since WWII, the right-wing media continuously insists that Obama is a tax raising socialist. Why? Because he wants to raise taxes on the rich. And what better way to make it socially acceptable for the rich to pay a minimal amount of taxes than to lump them into the same category with everyone else (ie “Everyone’s taxes are too high!”) and call whoever want’s to raise any taxes at all a Socialist!

Well, you won’t find me calling for raising taxes on middle class families, and ideally it’d be great for everyone to pay less taxes. But, we’re in a bit of a fiscal pickle, if you haven’t noticed, and we’re not going to get out of it without raising taxes on someone. So, I vote for raising them on those who can afford it: the uber-rich. Besides, according to THIS MSN/Bloomberg Business Week article, the rich really aren’t paying much taxes anyway (It’s a great, short, informative article!)

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One Response to #3: Taxes

  1. Michael Kermmoade says:

    The reality is that both sides are more interested in re-elections, than they are with legislating! Solving fiscal problems requires fiscal responsibility from EVERYONE! While I, too, hate paying taxes, I realize taxes pay for the things that I enjoy (parks, roads, museums, libraries, etc…). I also realize that programs such as Social Security and Medicare are necessary, however, I do not believe that the current programs are perfect–nothing is–therefore, legislators ought to work to make them better. While I am not “rich,” I will gladly pay more in taxes; in return I demand fiscal responsibility.

    P.S. Love the page guys!

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