8. The Shirley Sherrod “Scandal”

Andrew Brietbart, a hack job who run a website called Big Government and calls himself a journalist, edited a video of US Department of Agriculture employee Shirley Sherrod speaking at an NAACP event to make it seem like she discriminated against a farmer because he was white.  Of course, the ring-wing media ran with the video instantly. Then it crept into the rest of the media*, and Sherrod was forced to resign.

A day or so later, the real story emerged. Sherrod’s comments weren’t racist at all. In fact, when heard in their full context, they were quite the opposite. Sherrod has since brought a lawsuit again Brietbart for defamation. Brietbart is just one example of new age right-wing “activists” who have released heavily edited videos making it seem like people or organizations and saying/doing illegal things. I have a feeling a couple of other “activists” will be making an appearance on this list.

* Why the rest of the media is willing to report on things that originate on the right-wing media/blogosphere, without fact checking them first, is beyond me.


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