9. The Tea Party is a grassroots organization made up of a wide range of Americans.
                It’s true. The Tea Party did genuinely begin as a group of organized citizens. It grew in to what it was today, though, because of Fox News and the Koch Brothers. Fox News sponsored rallies and pimped the Tea Party at the same time as the Koch Brothers were playing the role of sugar daddy. Of course, you would never know this listening to the right wing media. They speak of the Tea Party as an uprising of the populous. A broad movement encompassing all types of Americans! Whites! Bla… er… Hispan… er… Asia… er… well, Whites! Men! Women! Their children! Oh yes, and of course these rallies were very civil, and all about the issues. There were no racist undertones, violent rhetoric, or calls to overthrow the government. 
                It’s funny. Progressives were concerned with the deficit and the abuse of power in government way before 2008. They called us crazy. Then, Barack Obama is elected president and, suddenly, conservatives are outraged! Hey, Tea Baggers, where were you from 2001-2008?

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