Everyone loves lists. They’re just fun. They’re simple, easy to read, and they convey messages clearly. Over the next 10 days (business days probably – weekends are for fun) we’re going to countdown the top 10 right-wing media manipulations since 2008. Let’s start at number 10:


(incase the video doesn’t play:

Checking in at number 10 is Shep Smith’s fiery condemnation of “these people” blocking the Zadroga Bill (aka the 9/11 First Responders Healthcare Bill). Shep did a great job of expressing disgust towards filibustering the bill, but, uh, Shep? Who exactly are “these people”?

See, folks, the problem is that people who get their information from Faux News, right-wing blogs, and right-wing radio would have had no idea that it was Republicans voting against this bill. They knew how hypocritical it would sound for the party that used 9/11 as a talking point for 8 years to all of the sudden not support the heroes of that day.

Once the story was big enough that they had to address it, an internal memo probably went out instructing anchors to not mention that it was in fact Republicans filibustering the bill. By not specifying that Republicans were opposing the bill, they created the illusion (re-enforced by a shot of the White House during the segment) that it was actually Democrats and President Obama opposing the bill.

I wanted to put this video at #10 to demonstrate that even subtle information manipulation runs abundant at Fox News. Every segment is designed to manipulate facts in order to create a more convenient reality for their ideology.

*** Side note: Faux News contributor Peter Johnson Jr. had a segment railing against those holding up the Zadroga Bill too. He also failed to mention that it was Republicans filibustering the bill.

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