There is a blue wave coming. What once was merely a quant ripple has built, and built, and built, and is now a wave. As this blue wave comes closer and closer to shore, more people will see it, and more people will hop on board the blue wave.  In 2012, it’s going to come crashing to shore, coloring everything it touches in blue.

This may sound crazy, but the 2010 election may have been the best thing to ever happen to Democrats. The truth is, people like the idea of a Republican. “Small government” sounds so good, especially when juxtaposed to “big government”. Cutting taxes is music to ones ears, because who likes paying taxes. Fiscal responsibility is a great thing to run on, because saying that you’re fiscally irresponsible wouldn’t get you too far in an election.

Yes, Republicans have done a terrific job framing their message. They’ve done so using phrases and ideas that have an unappealing contrast when painted the right way. People love the ideas of small government, personal responsibility, low taxes, and fiscal responsibility.  Indeed, people love the idea of a Republican. Fortunately for Democrats, though, people hate the actual actions of Republicans.

Small government, in the Republican sense of the word, is really not so great to people. People like having federal grant money investing in their communities. They like community health centers and sanitation services. They like smooth roads for their cars, good schools for their children, and, yes, public broadcasting.

Cutting taxes, in the Republican sense of the word, does no good for most people. People don’t believe in the trickle-down effect, because it is a myth. People don’t want to sacrifice our national deficit so millionaires and billionaires can have lower taxes, and so oil companies can enjoy their subsidies. People also don’t want lower taxes if it means higher overall costs of living (ie Paul Ryan’s healthcare reform plan).

People don’t like Republican “fiscal responsibility”, mainly because it doesn’t exist. Eighty-five percent of our national debt was incurred under Republican Presidents. How is that fiscally responsible? Cutting taxes while spending more money. How is that fiscally responsible?

Above all of these things, what people don’t like the most, is hypocrisy. What does it say to be “small government” and then tell people who they can marry, and whether or not they can have an abortion? Worse, what good is it to be “small government” and then pass legislation allowing outside groups to hijack town governments in times of fiscal woes.

The biggest hypocrite of all may be House Speaker Boehner. Republicans won the house by pledging to cut the deficit and create jobs. Thus far, they have done neither. In fact, they have proposed measures that would increase the deficit. The more well known example of this is their proposed repeal of health care reform. Slightly lesser known is Boehner’s opposition to the plan to strip funding for a backup engine for the F-35 from the budget. The program has been decried as pure pork, and is even opposed by Defense Secretary Robert Gates.

The Republican’s budget would cost upwards of 700,000 jobs across the country. Republicans have conveniently dismissed that figure, just as they dismissed the CBO’s projection that repealing healthcare reform would increase the deficit. Yet, speaker Boehner doesn’t want to end the F-35 “2nd engine” program because it would cost his district hundreds of jobs.

Isn’t it funny; Republicans think government spending is so bad, and the deficit is so out of control, except when it benefits their districts.

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